• Air Plants absorb the nutrients they need from the air through their leaves, not roots.
  • Air Plants are extremely hardy and can survive in temperatures ranging from 35-120 degrees. This makes them an easy product to ship almost anywhere.
  • Air Plants can tolerate both over and under watering.
  • Air Plants do best with indirect sunlight. Placed within 10 feet of a window is ideal.
  • Air Plants can thrive in almost anything.  Driftwood, cork, vases, and shells are just a few examples.
  • Air Plants grow upside down, right side up, or sideways.
  • There are over 550 species of Air Plants growing in Mexico, South & Central America and Florida.

Learn how to build an Air Plant Terrarium and care for your Unrooted Plant.

How often do Air Plants need watering?

Air Plants can survive long periods of time with little to no water.  But, they will not thrive in this environment.  Eventually they will die off without enough water. 

Unrooted recommends  you soak your Air Plants for 10 minutes once a week.  After soaking, gently shake the plants to rid excess water and set out to dry.   Be sure they are completely dry before returning to the garden globe. Do not submerse your Air Plants when they are blooming.  Mist your plants once a week. 

In drier, hotter climates your Air Plants need more frequent misting and watering.

Can Air Plants grow in environment other than a glass vase?

Yes, the beauty of an Air Plants is that they can thrive in almost any environment. All they need is air, and a little water.  Get creative…put Air Plants on wood, in a shell, in a funky vase or hang it from fishing line. The possibilities are endless. 

 Can Air Plants be mounted onto other materials?

Waterproof glue is the best way to mount your Air Plants to different environments.  You can use any glue except superglue.

Do Air Plants bloom?

They bloom only once in their lifetime, but that’s not the end of your plant.  The Air Plant will start “pupping” (having babies).  It can produce up to 12 pups that will grow to replace the original Air Plant. 

What can be done with old bloom spikes?

Simply cut it off.  You can also leave the spike.  It will shrink as the mother plant dies and the pups take over.

Do Air Plants need protection from cold weather?

Air Plants can survive a short freeze. They need protection for longer durations in temperatures under 35 degrees.

How much light is needed?

As much indirect light as possible.  It is recommended that Air Plants be within 10 feet of a window. 

More light = move vivid plant coloring.

Are Air Plants toxic to animals?

No, they are non-toxic for animals.

Do Air Plants need to be fertilized?

No need to fertilize your plants.  All it needs is air, a little water and indirect sunlight to thrive. 

What are the main reasons Air Plants may die?

  • They were not watered thoroughly or frequently enough.  Air Plants grown outdoors need more water than indoor Air Plants, as the sun and wind dry them out more quickly.  Plants in hot, dry climates need more frequent watering. 
  • They didn't have air circulation while drying.  Drain Air Plants thoroughly or they will rot.
  • They did not get enough light- Air Plants should be more than 10 feet from a bright window or skylight.
  • They were placed in direct sun.